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Alex Heslip & Chris Earle

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Phil Smith & Mark Allen

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Ian Howell

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Nic Kyrzakos

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Richard Skelson

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Phil McClennon

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Jason Inwood

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Buyer strategy

Simon Wellings, an engineer by profession who counts inventing the turbo-charger with Cummins and exiting a newly-built electronics manufacturing group to Tyco for £1bn, is building a UK-based group of niche manufacturing businesses

Target asset
  • IP-rich manufacturing i.e no contract manufacturing or generics
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Materials handling manufacturing
  • Ideally non-discretionary markets (waste, utilities, renewables, agri etc)
Deals done to date


target location


Target turnover

Min - £4m


Min - £400k

Min - £400k

Max - £2.50m

are you an advisor?

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What Vendors say
about selling to IC

“Independence have proven to be a great partner for our business and we really value their expertise. They have not only worked hard to learn about our business and support our needs, they have shared guidance on strategies which have collectively brought great value to the company, family and the team remaining within the business.”

By Richard Skelson – scaled family business 10x

“Independence were really helpful in supporting my first acquisition in the UK. In a new country and market, they helped me to successfully navigate a challenging vendor and their advisor and I am really pleased with how the acquisition has subsequently performed. I intend to work with them again in the future as the group looks for M&A buy-side support as part of its growth plans”

By Craig Schweitzer – ex Xerox MD

“After exiting Verastar, I spent a lot of time talking to the market to find partners able to help on my next project. Independence were the only party I spoke to where there was very clear alignment of expertise, interest and risk. In the short time we have been working together they have made great progress originating and structuring off-market opportunities and I look forward to counting on their support as we build the group over the years ahead”

By Alex Heslip – exited for >£400m

“Having scaled and exited with private equity before, we knew that building our own group without traditional private equity was our aim. Independence have a unique proposition built exactly for our purpose and have been exceptional partners in helping us deliver on that dream. We have made great progress in a short space of time and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Independence to other teams and leaders in our position”

By Mark Allen – exited for >£200m

“Having worked with traditional private equity, I could easily relate to Independences differentiated offering. I have been extremely impressed by the quality and volume of off-market targets delivered and the depth of support available in structuring, and strategy. Building a global group isn’t straightforward but Independence have fast become integral partners and I will recommend them to other teams and leaders”

By Nic Kyrzakos – exited for Carlyle Group

“Independence helped give me the confidence to build my own group and have been exceptionally supportive throughout a tumultuous past 3 years, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other leaders and management teams.“

By Ian Howell – ex Barclay Brothers MD

“I have enjoyed working with Independence and welcomed their support in helping to navigate some complex situations, good and bad. I would recommend them to other leaders looking to build their own group.”

By Simon Wellings – exited for >£1bn

“Having sold our family business to a blue chip company, we have experience of growing and running companies at both ends of the spectrum. When we started the Titan Packaging Group, what we didn’t have experience of was M&A outside of our own deal. Independence have been really helpful and insightful, in working with us to explore what is possible in the market and we continue to value their support in helping us to build our group over the coming years”

By Jason Inwood – exited to Bunzl

“Having worked with global blue-chips and mid-market private equity all my career, a lot of what we are doing with Independence I didn’t think was possible. They have proven to be a fantastic alternative and I really value their support.“

By Phil McClennon – ex Global Strategy Thyssenkrupp