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For decades sector leading talent have shared too much of their value creation with corporate owners & investors. We provide an alternative to proven industry talent looking to build their own future value

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Equity expertise

You have been sponsored by private equity before and had success growing and exiting a portfolio business but are unaware that an option to hold 51-100% of equity existed


You are either a proven mgmt team in an already successful business whose majority shareholder is retired or a second-line mgmt team looking to buy-out and suceed the existing owners/leaders

Corporate escapees

You are fatigued with working in a political and (or) institutional environment which serves others over you and crave the opportunity to operate entrepreneurially and to your own design


You are a leader from an existing business trading profitably and growing (or with growth aspirations) beyond your means but you don’t want traditional PE taking control

creating a new market

What can leaders

Vision assessment

We will assist in helping shape managements vision into a cogent operating plan

Market research

We will provide for management data driven oversight of all targets nationally which correlate with the vision


We will lead on engaging with prioritised targets through our omni-channel process

Design & structuring

We will provide guidance on optimal group, deal and equity structuring to maximise return and buying power whilst preserving cash and minimising dilution

Project manage diligence

We will introduce market-leading partners who operate on abort structures to facilitate the most insightful diligence at the lowest cost-risk


We will deliver the optimal funding structure across a range of preferred equity, equity, mezzanine, senior debt, stretch senior, junior & subordinated loan notes

Operational planning

We will assist management in transitioning from buyers to owner-operators

Stakeholder management

We take the pressure of management by leading on managing/communicating to investor and funding stakeholders

Synergy fuel

We cross-refer companies, leaders in our network to drive sales and cost synergies to accelerate managements plan

Rolling acquistion watch

We will continue to line up exceptional deal flow that enhances EV in order to maximise exit

Talent building

Through our network of operators and non-executives we introduce key people who can move the needle on group plans

To those considering applying

If you are reading this, there is every chance that, as of today, your mind may not be made up about what your next step will be? You’ll likely facing into lots of questions and uncertainty; will you stay where you are, is now the right time, can you afford to take the risk, do you feel safer with traditional private equity, are the market conditions right, is it fair to you or your family to commit to something new, what is the opportunity you want to target, what are the risks, how long will it take, who can I bring with me, what are my options, what are the scale of the rewards? These questions and more are all natural.

At Independence Capital we recognise that beyond the investment, before any decisions have been made, it is our job to help you on the journey of exploring all of those questions. With openness, patience and without pressure or obligation we routinely invest our time to help us both build the confidence that we are the right partners for you and that this is the right option for you at the right time.

Never feel inhibited in having a conversation, if nothing else both our networks will be stronger for connecting and we look forward to getting to know you better and seeing how we can help.

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What Clients
think of IC

“Independence have proven to be a great partner for our business and we really value their expertise. They have not only worked hard to learn about our business and support our needs, they have shared guidance on strategies which have collectively brought great value to the company, family and the team remaining within the business.”

By Richard Skelson – scaled family business 10x

“Independence were really helpful in supporting my first acquisition in the UK. In a new country and market, they helped me to successfully navigate a challenging vendor and their advisor and I am really pleased with how the acquisition has subsequently performed. I intend to work with them again in the future as the group looks for M&A buy-side support as part of its growth plans”

By Craig Schweitzer – ex Xerox MD

“After exiting Verastar, I spent a lot of time talking to the market to find partners able to help on my next project. Independence were the only party I spoke to where there was very clear alignment of expertise, interest and risk. In the short time we have been working together they have made great progress originating and structuring off-market opportunities and I look forward to counting on their support as we build the group over the years ahead”

By Alex Heslip – exited for >£400m

“Having scaled and exited with private equity before, we knew that building our own group without traditional private equity was our aim. Independence have a unique proposition built exactly for our purpose and have been exceptional partners in helping us deliver on that dream. We have made great progress in a short space of time and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Independence to other teams and leaders in our position”

By Mark Allen – exited for >£200m

“Having worked with traditional private equity, I could easily relate to Independences differentiated offering. I have been extremely impressed by the quality and volume of off-market targets delivered and the depth of support available in structuring, and strategy. Building a global group isn’t straightforward but Independence have fast become integral partners and I will recommend them to other teams and leaders”

By Nic Kyrzakos – exited for Carlyle Group

“Independence helped give me the confidence to build my own group and have been exceptionally supportive throughout a tumultuous past 3 years, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other leaders and management teams.“

By Ian Howell – ex Barclay Brothers MD

“I have enjoyed working with Independence and welcomed their support in helping to navigate some complex situations, good and bad. I would recommend them to other leaders looking to build their own group.”

By Simon Wellings – exited for >£1bn

“Having sold our family business to a blue chip company, we have experience of growing and running companies at both ends of the spectrum. When we started the Titan Packaging Group, what we didn’t have experience of was M&A outside of our own deal. Independence have been really helpful and insightful, in working with us to explore what is possible in the market and we continue to value their support in helping us to build our group over the coming years”

By Jason Inwood – exited to Bunzl

“Having worked with global blue-chips and mid-market private equity all my career, a lot of what we are doing with Independence I didn’t think was possible. They have proven to be a fantastic alternative and I really value their support.“

By Phil McClennon – ex Global Strategy Thyssenkrupp

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