Experts, Neds & Observers

Learning tough lessons first-hand isn’t any fun. There is no substitute for knowledge-from-experience and we always look to connect our teams with those who can share their experiences

Who do we want
to work with

Nationwide leadership talent who have demonstrable knowledge (15yrs+) within a specific sector


Sector heads in corporates and professional service firms looking for portfolio roles


Seasoned non-executive and corporate strategists, experts in assisting management teams


How can we work

  • Join a transaction as a chairman or non-executive

  • Support investors and funders as a board observer

  • Support discrete project works

  • Scout opportunities and monetise your network

  • Earn on your terms across a combination of fees, retainers and equity


“I became a consultant so that I could help multiple teams navigate a myriad of different problems. At Independence there is the perfect combination of open-minded management, proactive planning and consensive support to allow interesting projects to blossom”

By Mr Taylor

“Independence have a unique position in the market and its exciting to be part of a team looking to proactively deliver change and bring value“

By Mr Brooks

“Having run a Big-4 corporate finance team for many years, I have seen first-hand the impact that wider skills and experience can have on Enterprise Value for engaged and open minded management teams. I am pleased to be on Independences panel and support them and their teams on their journey“

By Mr Stephens

“Having worked with Independence on multiple deals now, I can say that we have found our jobs all the easier for Independence having invested significant time and resources beforehand advising management of their options and the value that partners like myself can bring“

By Mrs Lawrence

“Having known Independence for some years now, I know first-hand how much they value the experience, connectivity and perspective that other professionals can bring to situations“

By Mr Shin

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We are always open for business, always looking to support sector leading talent and add to our ranks operating partners, investors and team members. If you would like to know more please connect with us below

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