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“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…”

John F Kennedy

25 June 1961

Thoughts from
our founder…

There is nothing that brings us more satisfaction than helping great teams and leaders on their way. It’s at the core of everything we do and whilst that provides us and our investors with economic gain, the value of helping exceptional leaders build their own legacies is frankly priceless.

The problems we seek to continue to solve; rebuilding private equity to favour management, creating a new market for direct investment into exceptional talent and building groups up from the foundation of other owner-managed-businesses are all complex in their own right but none more so when set against the backdrop of social and economic turbulence. There are frankly far easier problems to solve and simpler ways to make money! But none result in the collective sense of pride in achievement, the lifelong friends we make with our new teams & leaders and the learnings we ourselves cherish to inherit from professionals at the top of their sector. There is no more fitting quote for what we do than the words of John F Kennedy noted above.

We appreciate greatly the faith shown in us by truly exceptional talent and entrepreneurial investors and we look forward to continuing to repay that over the years ahead.

Max Ward


Unique in mission, unique in collective experience

In looking to create new markets and solve old problems in new ways, our approach, skill-set and experiences need to be different. We take pride in our unique capabilities borne of having led, built, operated, advised, lent and invested in an array of different business sizes, stages of life-cyle and markets. Being able to draw on such broad experience allows us to ensure that we come prepared to help our leaders and teams whatever the market and time may bring.

  • Advisory experience assisting SME business owners

    Advisory experience supporting business owners spanning M&A, debt advisory, restructuring, tax planning, compliance and modelling

  • Advisory experience assisting lending institutions

    Extensive experience advising SME and Corporate lenders on both transaction, portfolio and risk-management

  • Advisory experience assisting private equity

    Providing lower-mid-market and mid-market private equity funds with origination, structuring, transaction, restructuring, debt advisory and sell-side advisory

  • Lending experience spanning all-market

    We have extensive experience of asset-based-lending, structured & leveraged finance and wholesale/syndication and speciality lending. Having lent from £10k to £350m to blue-chips down to sub-prime corporates and SMEs

  • Investment & lending experience managing complex portfolios of businesses

    We have worked with many types of company; venture/startup, high-growth, plateaued, multi-generational family owned, institutionally backed, privately invested, listed, multi-jurisdiction, acquisitive distressed or subject to fraud or litigation

  • Designing and building many new companies

    As entrepreneurs at heart rather than just investors or professional advisors, we are familiar with the challenges of owning, running and building businesses because we’ve had many of our own.

  • Working through difficult situations

    We have extensive experience of turnaround, distress and change having built and run intensive care functions dealing solely with businesses under the most acute trading and management pressure

  • Leading with expertise

    We embrace new talents and skills within our business – be that coding, technology or data – as much as we do those outside of our business; where we draw on an incredible bank of talent in our panel of advisors, investors, non-executives and consultants – each experts in their field.

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